We take pride in being able to meet the customized needs of our customers in a flexible and agile manner »

We believe that you will find doing business with RedShift to be a refreshing change of pace, and that starts with being up-front about pricing and how to buy our leading UCTM solutions.

Active Session Pricing And Flexible Finance Terms »

RedShift virtual UCTM security software pricing model is based on the total number of active sessions (concurrent calls) that will be processed by a UCTM system. The UCTM cloud software is sized to accommodate your peak traffic requirements and locations.

RedShift Finance structures financial packages to meet any unique customer CAPEX or OPEX needs.  Each finance package is tailored to meet your CFO’s requirements and expectations.

Delivering Real-Time VoIP Security »

RedShift UCTM products deliver real-time VoIP security to carrier and enterprise services with more than 40,000 threat signature modules using patented, service-aware Behavioral Learning Engine (BLE) and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) functionality.

Detecting and mitigating anomalous VoIP Network traffic threats is now a reality using RedShift’s unique combination of layered Real-time VoIP Analytics, Fraud Detection and SIP Security for Softswitches and SBC-based VoIP networks. All RedShift instances include a Centralized Management System and Correlation Engine (CMS) and scale from 1,000 to 100,000 plus active sessions per server with network/country/global deployment architecture.  These solutions also leverage SaaS security updates through the RedShift VoIP Global Security Threat Intelligence and VoIP Exploit Research from Condor Labs.

Included In Every RedShift Networks instance »

  • Simplified management and measurable cost reduction for VoIP/Video network fraud mitigation
  • Adaptive Behavioral Analytics and Learning engine with low rate of false positives, high probability determination of real threats and attacks
  • Patented Synchronous Flow Security Technology™ correlated multi-layer protection between OSI Layers (layer 3 to layer 7) for all UC and Collaboration Applications.
  • Dynamic real-stream inspection technology, proprietary unified threat assessment & correlation Adaptive Behavioral Learning engine delivers a very low rate of false positives
  • Advanced Fraud Detection and VoIP/Video Attack prevention, automation reports halt malicious traffic in microseconds
  • Low latency for signaling and smart fast path for valid media flows