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RedShift Networks’ Customers Have Several Options When It Comes to Receiving Support »

Along with telephone and email options, we also provide the RedShift Networks Support Services Portal. This portal offers a comprehensive website that provides the latest product updates, downloads and patches, FAQs, online case tracking, alerts, and technical support contact information.

Please note, you do need to be a customer to access the portal information. The RedShift Networks Support Services Portal is available to partners and customers. Log-in information is required. If you have not received the new log-in information, contact us at

To reach support, contact us at, or call us at +1-925-272-0100 or +1 866 824 5775 (toll-free).

Beyond Internal Support

Supporting our customers reaches well beyond our doors. RedShift Networks offers certified Professional Services through our Managed Security Service Partners. By sharing our knowledge and expertise with our Managed Security Service Providers, customers have the added support and benefits of the type world-class support they expect.

RedShift’s Commitment

RedShift Networks strives to deliver first-rate support for all customers and partners worldwide. Our team of technical support experts offer customers hands on-experience and extensive knowledge of how the products work with the security background to understand our client’s situation. We are committed to providing both timely and solid technical advice on our broad suite of product, security software updates and research service offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions »

What are the RedShift security software subscription offerings?2022-12-06T01:23:34+00:00

RedShift offers both a VoIP Threat Intelligence Network (VTIN) software subscription service and access to its Condor Labs Research team. VTIN delivers advanced analytics to correlate information at the Network, Application and User layers. This service is a real-time update SaaS offering helps operators deliver rich forensic and rapid troubleshooting capabilities.  VTIN integrates seamlessly with RedShift’s UCTM hardware and virtual software product offerings to quickly identify areas of the network under stress or displaying suspicious activities with anomalous traffic.

As a stand-alone or companion service, RedShift’s Condor Labs Research team consistently finds and provides remediation guidance for zero-day VoIP and SIP-service attack patterns. The global research team uses advanced penetration testing methods, vulnerability identification and deployment of new signatures for constantly subscribed RedShift UCTM clients.  Details from Condor Labs includes technical details, Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) insight and remediation guidance when available.

How will RedShift defend my network from downtime?2022-12-06T01:23:22+00:00

RedShift helps carriers boost their VoIP service ROI, harden VoIP service security and provide actionable granular insight on anomalous traffic before it causes millions in dollars of lost or stolen service revenue due to unplanned downtime.

What is RedShift’s UCTM product offering?2022-12-06T01:22:54+00:00

To securely deliver and monitor VoIP services for anomalous behavior, a new collective security approach is now available that leverages a proven in-depth security defense model via the RedShift Unified Communication Threat Management (UCTM) Platform. The UCTM platform intelligently combines SIP Security, Threat Intelligence Analytics and Fraud Detection to give operators real-time, context-driven visibility into unauthorized activities and mitigate threats including Denial of Service (DoS), Botnet attacks and Robocalls throughout their VoIP network.

Where will RedShift’s solution increase my VoIP security, deliver service analytics visibility and prevent hackers or fraudulent activity?2022-12-06T01:22:29+00:00

RedShift benefits CSPs with the first complete cyber security solution for SIP enabled services (e.g. VoIP, Mobile, Cable, Wholesale, UC Cloud). The solution offers seamless integration into Hosted UC, VoIP, and VoLTE/5G networks. RedShift Networks security virtual and hardware appliances deliver insightful analytics as a central point for management, detection, mitigation and prevention of malicious VoIP attacks and threats including fraudulent activity.

How will RedShift’s solution help my business save money?2022-12-06T01:22:00+00:00

Instead of spending time and money on identifying and mitigating VoIP security threats from multiple different services, RedShift consolidates real time security threat research, analytics and fraud prevention in a single platform. Businesses report cost savings of $250,000 up to $5,000,000 in the first year of deployment.

How quickly can carriers deploy a Unified Communications Threat Management Approach? Does it take weeks or months to be effective?2022-12-06T01:17:37+00:00

Pretty quickly since RedShift Networks offers a network tap approach to help identify and mitigate VoIP threat attacks. Trial systems using a virtual appliance only take a matter of a few days to weeks based on network scope to benchmark normal network traffic behavior.  Roll outs covering multiple data centers, cities or countries accordingly take a bit more time to reach production.

Is there a behavioral learning aspect to stopping anomalous SIP traffic?2022-12-06T01:18:08+00:00

Yes, multiple aspects of behavioral analysis of every user and app are available up and down the network stack focusing on the application layers 4-7.  This includes determining good and bad network behavior including spotting anomalous traffic in real time.

Does the escalation of costly attacks mirror those in the data world? More rapid timeframe?2022-12-06T01:18:20+00:00

For more than 20 years, cyber security attacks have targeted rich attack vectors. The evolution of attacks is now targeting SIP and VoIP since there are more than 20 percent service density. SIP attacks have grown more than 10,000x since RedShift began offering UCTM capabilities.  Every year, this is expanding up to 4x as well.

I’ve heard SBC vendors offer some security safeguards, how does UCTM boost those capabilities?2022-12-06T01:19:47+00:00

SBC accomplishes many tasks, akin to a swiss army knife. With a rapid increase of SIP endpoints, SBCs become consumed with management. Deep packet inspection (DPI) needs can rapidly overwhelm SBC processing capabilities and can cause downtime.  Bifurcation of UCTM security to scale to 40,000 attack mitigations complements the SBC which is left to manage its core function around VoIP call management.

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In a parallel to MSSP offerings, can carriers deliver UCTM as a managed service or to offer a SIP SoC?2022-12-06T01:20:00+00:00

Yes, MSPPs can monetize their SIP security offering with a premium SIP service either hosted or located on the enterprise’s network. This includes threat analysis reporting and SoC capabilities that regulated industries are likely to retain for a longer period of time.

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