VoIP Attack Threat Analytics Help You Understand All The Call Flows In Your Voice/UC Network

Enterprises and services providers require deep visibility in the Voice/UC traffic flows. The deeper the visibility, the better the ability to continuously debug, troubleshoot and implement forensics on network issues and VoIP/UC attacks both for internal use and compliance requirements.

Global Carriers lost close to $15B per year due to network outages according to Frost & Sullivan. RedShift’s real time VoIP/UC Threat Intelligence Analytics provides unparalleled VoIP Service Insight into service provider and enterprise voice/UC network behavior. This dynamic surveillance of positive and negative VoIP/UC traffic flows requires deep reporting capabilities. RedShift Networks centralized management, network security logging and reporting ensures the protection of CSP and enterprise critical revenue-producing infrastructure against SIP attacks. Lack of visibility continues to extend breach and compromise events to an average of more than 100 days.

Enterprise are constantly exposed to social engineering attacks. Malicious users masquerade as legitimate employees or customers to trick someone with authority to give them access to important information. This provides the initial threat vector and lateral movement facilitates the hack or breach. RedShift Network’s VoIP/UC Threat Intelligence Analytics allows enterprise users to understand all the call flows within their voice/UC network during a large time period and look for anomalies or suspicious activities.

RedShift’s UCTM VoIP Analytics and Automation Module provides:

  • Rich advanced contextual driven analytics at the three VoIP/UC layers; Network layer, Application layer, and User layers (SIP/UC focused)
  • Automation of forensic and troubleshooting/debugging capabilities
  • Detailed SIP Call Ladder Diagrams, Error Codes, UA, Active Sessions, Call Recording with more than 50 different detailed SIP call flow information
  • Real-time identification of top services used, areas of SIP network under stress, networks that show suspicious/anomalous activities, etc.
  • Detailed Call history of every call flows with PCAP files
  • MOS score functionality for RTCP traffic flows
  • Detailed call registrations for entire network up to millions of users
  • SIP error code specifics across entire VoIP/UC network including ability to alert due to abnormal SIP error code behavior with graphical representations
  • Multiple call charts that include call invites, call registrations and other SIP methods
  • ALL SIP methods across VOIP/UC network
  • Average call duration of each call flow
  • Group and policy definitions across customers and subscribers in SIP/UC networks
  • Recording of individual calls flows with protected passwords
  • Generation of customized reports based on customer requirements for different parts of the enterprise or carrier organization.
  • Global or localized view of the VoIP/UC analytics from a regional or centralized location thru RedShift Networks Centralized Management System (CMS) for Network Operations Centers (NOCs) or Security Operation Centers (SOCs).