Securing UC with Cloud Providers »

UCTM offers real time detection of anomalous and often malicious VoIP traffic without added overhead or degradation to network performance. VoIP Cloud operators and hosted service providers deliver several benefits including superior cost performance, access to enhanced Unified Communication services, ease of management, and investment protection. Cloud service operators hold an increased concentration of client service information and resources within their operations that also pose added security risk.

Cloud Providers deploy RedShift Networks software to gain valuable service and reliability as key components of business grade Unified Communication delivery. Cloud Providers and their Enterprise customers expect cloud operators to offer comparable availability and security to premise-based PBX, voice mail, and network services. This ability to deliver flexible and scalable service solutions is gained through customers relinquishing much of the control of the system to the operator.

Expedite the Identification of, and Response to, Security Incidents

Real-time security, analytics and fraud prevention using RedShift’s UCTM offering delivers a cost-effective shield vs. expensive ala carte approaches to:

Delivering Cloud-based services requires Cloud Providers to consider the security impact of managing valuable and sensitive customer communications in an environment fraught with vulnerabilities and compromise. RedShift helps Cloud service providers avoid the costly and time-consuming task around creating a complex array of specialized security solutions to protect email, web services, and databases.

Managed VoIP and UC Services From RedShift Networks

Advanced VoIP and SIP security and network monitoring is a rapidly growing business for managed services, including SIP trunking and regulatory compliance. Securing customer UC/VoIP networks through RedShift Networks Managed Service Provider Partner (MSPP) Program gives service providers the opportunity to offer customers, along with their SIP trunking and regulatory compliance solutions, the industry’s first comprehensive Unified Communications Security Solution and qualifies providers for substantial product family discounts. Through the MSPP Program, RedShift Networks delivers all the key software and service components of threat defense targeting real-time VoIP and Video communication attacks. Full leverage of SIP Threat Intelligence and Condor Labs research delivers proactive threat management update services.

Benefits of Using RedShift Virtual Security Software for UC Protection in the Network Operations Center (NoC)

  • Security is one of the IT functions that can be managed by a service provider

  • Take on the ongoing responsibility of managing, administering, and monitoring the VoIP network, typically through remote operations centers
  • Flexibility of service offering: CPE or Hosted/Cloud based or Hybrid
    Security package: Security and Advance Threat Intelligence Analytics
    Security and Toll Fraud Detection package: Security, Toll Fraud Detection, and Advance Threat Intelligence Analytics
  • Increase revenue per user on Trunk services
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty (multi-service offerings)

  • Competitive advantage
  • Rapid trouble shooting, analysis and threat mitigation
  • Continuous network monitoring, threat detection and mitigation

  • Affordable security service for their VoIP network

  • Affordable security service for their VoIP network
  • Managed services help users offload specific IT operations to a service provider
  • Increasingly common aspect of the move from on-premises to off-premises infrastructure and hosting services
  • Threat alerts in real-time
  • Embedded prevention and security management service
  • Enterprise-wide network protection extensible to remote and mobile workers
  • Complete visibility into the VoIP network
  • RedShift Global Threat Intelligence Service (Signatures, Whitelist/Blacklist)
  • Increased network security, uptime, and reliability
  • 7×24 network monitoring, threat detection and mitigation
  • Business, weekends and holiday protection

With a Managed UCTM from RedShift Networks, operators deliver a 21st century UC NoC with the latest security tools, services, and technology available to defend their UC networks from attack in a cost-effective and cohesive solution. Managed UCTM services provides operator customers with global network wide management and monitoring services for enterprise UC/VoIP service networks. This approach gives Cloud Providers and MSSPs proactive monitoring, service alerts, and threat management response services, ensuring businesses networks and services are safe and reliable.