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Organizations, large and small are vulnerable to a variety of SIP attacks and fraudulent events. While many depend on legacy technologies that are static rules-based, perpetrators are constantly adapting and evolving their methods of attack, leaving businesses more at risk than they realize.

With both voice and data traveling across their network, SPAM and Robocalls are just the tip of the iceberg.

These companies need a real-time, powerful and robust security solution that is easy to deploy to protect their network services and confidentiality and prevent financial loss and identity theft.

An Opportunity for MSPs & Cloud Operators

Leveraging RedShift’s UCTM security software as a managed security service to generate new monthly recurring revenue streams, MSP and Cloud Operators can now identify and mitigate the myriad of threats and attacks hitting Enterprise networks. MSPs and Cloud Operators are in a unique position to help businesses improve the level of protection and security in their VoIP network.

Voice Protection As a Service (VPaaS™)

VPaaS™ by Redshift Networks enables the deployment of industry-leading security technology in any SIP-based topology. System intelligence and database context are delivered daily to the VPaaS™. The VPaaS™ offers high levels of scalability and flexible deployment to best match your client’s specific needs.

VPaaS™ delivers the following capabilities:

  • Real-time SIP traffic monitoring
  • Tenant-specific views of security and analytic functions
  • Automatic attack mitigation
  • Packet broker block rules via standard XML API integration
  • Single or Multi-tenant deployment options

Add VPaaS™ to your Managed Services Revenue Stream

For managed service providers competing in digital transformation, RedShift Networks VPaaS™ delivers a low entry, value add to create a competitive advantage. VPaaS™, built on Redshift’s field proven and widely deployed UCTM software, can help you add additional value to your customers as a trusted security advisor, deepening and expanding your partner relationship.

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