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Artificial Intelligence to Protect
Voice and Messaging

Granular control, powerful analytics and fraud reporting for compliance and real-time end-to-end UC protection

VoIP Cybersecurity – Against Global SIP Botnets & 40K Attacks 

Eliminate costly and time consuming UC exploits through proactive analysis, detection, mitigation, and defense against a growing number of Enterprise VoIP security threats 

RedShift’s security team and published research is added into every VoIP security module to protect against more than 40,000 different VoIP threats & attacks, including:

  • Detection and auto-mitigation of Cyberprobes, Robocalls, TDoS, DoS, Botnet attacks, and Registration Hijacking
  • Exploitation of both known and unknown SIP vulnerabilities against well-known VoIP Devices – End Points/IP PBX/Softswitches/Softclients/Applications, etc.
  • A comprehensive and correlated view of Attack activity

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VoIP Exploits Uncovered by RedShift Condor Labs

Proactively Analyze, Detect, Mitigate and Defend VoIP Security Threats

Actionable VoIP Security Threat Intelligence

Anomaly Behavior Detection Subscription updates to UCTMs of Common Bad Actors

RedShift Networks Scores Two Finalist Honors

RedShift Networks Scores Two Finalist Honors in Light Reading 2021

Enterprise and carrier losses are in the billions of dollars and growing due to malicious behaviors

$6+ billion or approximately 4% of their total revenue.
$2.5 million per BotNet attack revenue loss.

Roughly 22.1 Million Americans Lost A Total Of $9.5 Billion In Robocall Scams Across More Than 4 Million Complaints.

FTC Finds 5X Increase in UC Fraudulent Activity, Communications Fraud Control Association Pegs Telecom Fraud At $30 Billion Globally 

Telecom Denial of Service (TDoS) Attacks Gridlock Millions of Enterprise UC Call Minutes Monthly, Ransoms of $50,000+